We provide general support in biostatistics, from experiment planning to data analysis and presentation of results.

We recommend the following resources:

Commercial statistical packages
  2. SPSS
  3. Systat
  4. Origin
  5. JMP
Other options
  1. The R-Project for Statistical Computing - An open-source programming language used mainly for statistics and data analysis. There is a certain learning curve, but this is a very versatile option, as new packages are constantly being written and updated for every possible statistical test.
  2. SAS - A commercial business analytics software with strong statistical capabilities (available at WIS by site license). Less recommended in terms of user-friendliness.
  3. Matlab - Widely used in WIS and available by site license, Matlab can also be used for statistical analyses.
Online tools
  1. Stat Trek - Statistical tools and probability calculators.
  2. Quick-R - An excellent tutorial for beginning to use R for statistics.